SATA RAID Driver Installation Guide

SATA RAID Driver is for users who plan to install Windows OS on SATA / SATAII HDDs with RAID functions. To use RAID functions, you need to make a SATA RAID Driver USB stick before you install the operation system, such as Windows 10. If you do not plan to use RAID functions, it is not necessary to make a SATA RAID Driver USB stick. Please follow below steps for the usage of SATA RAID Driver:

  1. Copy the SATA RAID Driver from our website to your SATA HDDs. Unzip it, and copy all the files and folders to an empty USB stick.
  2. Make sure that the “SATA Operation Mode” option in BIOS setup is set to RAID mode.
  3. Start installs Windows OS to your system. At the beginning of Windows setup, insert SATA RAID Driver USB stick and choose “add driver”. Now select the required driver to install from the SATA RAID Driver USB stick.
  4. After Windows OS installation, use the RAID tool in our support CD to configure RAID arrays under BIOS or Windows environment.

For the details of RAID operation procedures, please refer to our user manual in the support CD or quick installation guide for further information.