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ASRock unveils a fabulous K8 motherboard with flexible CPU socket upgrade design - K8Upgrade-1689

After successfully releasing the unprecedented upgrade series motherboard, K8upgrade-760GX, ASRock Inc, the leading price-performance motherboard maker, is proud to unveil another fabulous "Socket Upgrade Port" design motherboard, ASRock K8Upgrade-1689 motherboard, which is based on the innovative "Upgrade on demand" concept and industry-leading layout design technique ASRock K8Upgrade-1689 features the "Future CPU Port" which provides a Flexible'n'Easy CPU socket upgrade solution. It enables users to upgrade from Socket 754 to Socket 939 through an add-on card - ASrock 939CPU Board. Users could choose to upgrade to Socket 939 by demand as "Future CPU port" provides a flexible and cost-effective upgrade capability.

ASRock Upgrade series provides

-Flexible'n'Easy CPU sockets upgrade interface

Flexible CPU socket upgrade - optional upgrade cards supporting users' prompt CPU upgrade by demand . Easy upgrade interface - Plug and upgrade design without reinstalling other system devices.

-Cost-effective upgrade feature

High potential future upgrade ability - upgrade CPU socket by users' demand. CPU socket upgrade without changing a new motherboard but still keeping current PC system investment.

ASRock Future CPU Port

Future CPU Port:
The yellow-colored Future CPU Port is designed as Socket939 upgrade interface for 939CPU Board with the yellow-colored indication label.

Future CPU Port supports ASRock 939CPU Board.

939CPU Board - Socket939 upgrade module for K8Upgrade-1689

939CPU Board is a socket939 upgrade module for ASRock K8Upgrade series motherboard's "Future CPU Port". 939CPU Board contains socket939, Dual Channel DDR DIMMs, and independent power input, which provides a quick upgrade capability from socket754 to socket939 CPU. 939CPU Board with the yellow-colored indication label is designed for the K8Upgrade Series motherboard with the yellow-colored Future CPU Port.

Here are K7Upgrade-1689 brief specification:

  • Socket 754, ULI(ALi) M1689 Chipset(Capable Of Supporting FSB1000MHz / 2GT/s CPU)
  • Supports AMD 64-bit Athlon™64 and 32-bit Sempron™ processor
  • FSB 800MHz / 1.6GT/s
  • Supports HyperTransport™ Technology, AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology
  • ASRock "Future CPU Port" – Flexible'n'Easy CPU socket upgrade interface
  • Supports DDR400
  • Supports AGP 8X/4X 1.5v
  • Supports Serial ATA - 2 Serial ATA 1.5Gb/s connectors, supports RAID 0,1,JBOD
  • 7.1-channel superior Audio, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, ATA133
  • Hybrid Booster - ASRock Safe Overclocking Technology
  • Multi-language Quick Installation Guide
  • Bundled CD includes 3D Audio Player, RAID controller, Anti Virus utility, ASRock PC DIY Live Demo, etc.

939CPU Board brief specification:

  • CPU socket upgrade module, supports ASRock Future CPU Port
  • Socket 939, Dual Channel DDR DIMMs
  • Supports AMD Athlon™64 / Athlon™64FX processor
  • Supports HyperTransport™ Technology, AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology