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ASRock Announces Sponsorship of Korea's Incredible Miracle Team

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, February 1st , 2013 – The world-leading motherboard maker, ASRock Inc. is thrilled to announce today its new sponsorship of Korean's professional gaming team – Incredible Miracle (IM), which has topped numerous e-sports leagues worldwide since it was founded in 2010. The new partnership has entered the name of ASRock on the team's long sponsor list, after LG Electronics, Nvidia, Kingston, SteelSeries and Coca Cola.

【ASRock and Incredible Miracle announce their partnership】

The Incredible Miracle professional gaming team was founded by three star gamers NesTea, MvP and LosirA in 2010. The team concentrated on StarCraft II from 2010 to 2012, and they have achieved unprecedented success on both team results and individual player achievements internationally. Including GSTL Feb Championship, IPL Team Arena Challenge 1 and Challenge 3 Championship, IPTL Season 1 Runner-up to name a few. The Incredible Miracles have won 8 GSL championships and is the only team that has a champion for each race: MVP's Terran, NesTea's Zerg and Seed's Protoss.

【Incredible Miracle - The team for StarCraft II】

In 2012, the IM team advanced further into the professional gaming scene by adding League of Legends (LoL) and World of Warcraft (WoW) into the team's official competitive games. Currently, the IM team has 27 players which is divided into three gaming groups: SCII, LoL and WoW. The team's latest achievement is the SCII championship by IM First at the Intel® Extreme Master in Poland Katowice in January 2013.

【Incredible Miracle - The team for League of Legends】

"As a professional gaming team, we strongly demand superior and stable system performance to optimize the gaming results. The motherboard serves as the frame of the PC system; it plays an essential role in keeping the system's stability and enhancing the overall performance." said Dong-Hoon Kang, founder of the IM team. "It is a great opportunity for both of us. IM has already had a strong preference for ASRock powered systems; the alignment can further ensure that the performance levels of our training systems are on par with the PCs in worldwide gaming tournaments."

【ASRock, the new sponsor of IM on the IM official website】

"Korea has the most advanced gaming industry than anywhere else in the world. The IM team was nurtured in such an environment so it has become a world-leading gaming team. The affiliation with Incredible Miracles has granted us an opportunity to increase brand awareness for ASRock products as the best gaming gear choice." said James Lee, vice president of sales and marketing at ASRock.

ASRock has been dedicated to develop the best motherboards for years and its Fatal1ty series is designed for all professional gamers to optimize their gaming results. Besides the sponsorship of the IM team, ASRock will keep promoting e-sports with advanced products throughout the world.

Major IM Team Results
GSTL Feb Championship
GSTL Mar. Runner-up
IPL Team Arena Challenge 1 Championship
IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 Championship
IPTL Season 1 Runner-up

Major Player Results
2010 GSL Open Season 2 Championship Nestea
2011 GSL Jan. Championship MVP
2011 GSL World Championship Seoul Championship MVP
2011 GSL May. Championship NesTea
2011 MLG Columbus Runner-up LosirA
2011 GSL July. Championship NesTea / Runner-up LosirA
2011 MLG Anaheim Championship MVP
2011 GSL Aug. Championship MVP
2011 GSL Oct. Runner-up MVP / 3rd Happy
WCG 2011 Korean Representative Competition Championship MVP
2011 Blizzcon Anaheim Championship MVP / Runner-up NesTea

WCG 2011 Grand Final Starcraft 2 Championship MVP
2012 IPL4 3rd place NesTea
2012 NGF 3rd place MVP
2012 Iron Squid 3rd place NesTea
2012 GSL season2 Championship MVP
2012 Homestory cupV Championship YongHwa
2012 GSL Season 3 Championship Seed
2012 MLG Summer Arena 3rd place First
2012 IEM season Vll Global Challenge cologne Championship MVP
2012 MLG Summer Championship Runner-up First
WCG 2012 Korean Representative Competition SC2 Championship YongHwa
2012 GSL Season 4 Runner-up MVP
2010 MLG Raleigh Round of 8
2010 MLG Washington DC 5th place
2011 Battlenet invitational Championship
2011 Blizzcon Anaheim WOW 6th place
2011 WCG GrandFinal World of Warcraft Runner-up
2012 Arena Korea Invitational Championship
2012 World championship 3rd place

2012 LOL Champions League Spring 4th place
2012 LOL Champions League Summer 9-16th
2012 Battle Royal Tournament Championship
2012 Enter the Dragon 4th place
2012 World e-Sports Masters 4th place
2012-2013 LOL Champions League Winter 5-8th

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