AMD's latest AM3+ processors are a shot in the arm for PCs, delivering state of art processing at unmatched performance. The much-anticipated AM3+ socket architecture now jammed into the market and offered the finest upgrade path : the Bulldozer 8-core CPU.

To make the PC worthwhile, ASRock've released several motherboards covering from AMD's 9-Series, 8-Series 7-Series to Nvidia's GeForce 7025 chipset series to support the long-awaited FX (codenamed Bulldozer) processors. The ASRock AM3+ Motherboard Series have got just about everything you could wish for build a perfect system around. Phenom II is yesterday's news, and to make your AMD rig shine, Bulldozer has to be good.

ASRock AM3+ Motherboard Series

To support the forthcoming AMD AM3+ CPU, the latest BIOS update is required.
Please make sure that you've got the correct BIOS support as below:

Chipset Model Name support since BIOS version
AMD 990FX Fatal1ty 990FX Professional P1.20
990FX Extreme4 P1.30
990FX Extreme3 All
AMD 970 970 Extreme4 P1.40
970 Extreme3 All
AMD 890GX 890GX Pro3 P1.40
890GM Pro3 R2.0 P1.50
890GX Extreme4 R2.0 P1.50
890GX Extreme3 P3.10
AMD 890FX 890FX Deluxe5 P1.50
890FX Deluxe4 P1.60
AMD 880G 880G Extreme3 P2.10
880G Pro3 P1.40
880GMH/U3S3 P1.50
880GM-LE FX All
AMD 870 870 Extreme3 R2.0 P1.50
870iCafe R2.0 P1.40
AMD 785G 985GM-GS3 FX All
AMD 770 770iCafe P1.90
770DE3L P1.40
AMD 760G 960GM-GS3 FX All
960GM-S3 FX All
NVIDIA nForce 720D M3N78D FX All
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a N68-VS3 FX All
N68-VGS3 FX All
N68-S3 FX All
N68-GS3 FX All

Please refer to ASRock BIOS download link as follows:

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