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Imagine yourself as a desperado riding into the sunset, an outcast of the society exiled from your country, or simply at the groceries two blocks away from home. You miss your personal computer so much and you'll need Home Cloud for the following real world scenarios:

Access or send files remotely anywhere.
Keep your stored mail near at hand whenever you need it.
Keep an eye on your pets or children when you are away from home.
Stream your secret stash of vids, music and pics.
Watch your favorite local TV programs by connecting to your PC.


802.11ac WiFi
+ Bluetooth v4.0
The exclusive 802.11ac WiFi (5G WiFi) module supports up to 867Mbps connections and Bluetooth v4.0.


Sound Core3D
The onboard Creative SoundCore 3D quad-core sound and voice processor supports various technologies such as SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice, Scout Mode, EAX 1.0 to 5.0. It also comes with ASRock Premium Headset Amplifier (PHA) for up to 600 ohm high-end headsets, bringing truly immersive audio experiences to your ears.
Quad Core Audio Processor (DSP)
Improves System Performance
Independent audio processing capability and zero-waste of CPU utilization
Capable of both time and frequency domain audio processing
Advanced modes optimized for hardware acceleration
Scout Mode™
Hear the enemy before they hear you
Scout Mode™ technology is a proprietary technology that allows you to hear your enemies from further away, giving you a distinct tactical advantage in combat.
Premium Headset Amplifier (PHA)
For serious gamers and enthusiasts who cannot tolerate mediocre audio, PHA (Premium Headset Amplifier) provides wider bandwidth, higher slew rate with lower noise and distortion. It also supports up to 250 Ohm high-end headsets, which delivers crisper audio into the users ears.
Note: PHA is only supported with front audio.



XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop application designed to make your multimedia broadcasting, live-streaming and recording a lot easier and more fun. We are giving the 3 month premium license for FREE! A US$24.95 value!
Broadcast Platform Broadcast Software Broadcasting!


Key Master

Key Master consists of two major features, Sniper Key and Macro Key. It enhances your mouse and keyboard with customizable macros, sniper modes, key repeat rates and repeat delay.

  Sniper Key
  Use Sniper Key to shift the mouse speed when you're in sniper mode, it will greatly sharpen your accuracy.
  Without Sniper Key With Sniper Key  
  Macro Key
  Create your own set of keyboard hotkeys and macros with Macro Key to save the trouble.
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