The World's First NUC Mini PC with a USB Type-C Port

Look Inside
Design Concept

The design concept of ASRock Beebox originated from one of the most common insects – Bees. By squeezing a cutting edge Intel N3000 Series SoC powered motherboard and other peripherals into a compact chassis, Beebox is small, fast, hard working just like a bee, all but the distracting buzzing noise.

One Size Fits All
A home theater system for your living room that’s also quiet enough for your bedroom, and powerful enough for a daily computing PC

Home Theater PC
Bedroom PC
Office Desktop
A miniature PC for office tasks, stock monitoring, educational purposes or even digital signage. Makes your business bloom in no time.

Digital signage
Industrial PC
(Digital Signage)

Compact yet powerful for drumming up business

So power efficient it reduces your electricity bill

Extremely easy for first time users to setup and use

Drives three independent monitors for working smart

It's quiet enough for libraries or classrooms

Impress onlookers with 4K video playback

Drive multiple monitors simultaneously

Unique Features
Three Graphics Outputs & 4K Playback

Triple Monitor
Lights up three monitors simultaneously via two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort.
※ This DisplayPort only supports DP to D-Sub dongles. DP to HDMI dongles and DP to DVI dongles are not supported.
※ To power up three monitors, please connect your monitors to 2*HDMI and 1*DP ports or 2*HDMI and 1*D-Sub ports via a DP to D-Sub dongle.

4K Support
The only system in the segment that supports dual channel memory for supporting 4K video playback.
*Dual channel memory is required for 4K video playback. Please install a pair of identical memory DIMMs.

Supports Up to 48CH H.265 IP Cameras
Beebox is able to work as an industrial grade 48 channel NVR (Networking Video Recorder) system. It is also capable of HEVC (H.265) recording for up to 48 IP cameras in D1 (704x576) resolution.

Swift Data Transfer and Device Charging – Type-C USB

The World's First NUC with a USB Type-C Port
USB Type-C doubles the charge speed!

The Fastest Wireless Internet – 802.11ac WiFi

Beebox comes with an exclusive 802.11ac WiFi (2.4G/5G WiFi) module and also works as a wireless access point. With Intel® Ready Mode Technology (RMT), Beebox may remain silent, display off, but still actively receive incoming emails, updates, social media alerts, and continue to serve as a wireless access point while minimizing power consumption.

Quiet Design

A special design that produces absolutely zero noise.

Remote Controller

A free bundled remote controller for Beebox.

Power Gear

Toggle between three operational modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) to maximize performance or conserve energy. Use Eco mode for saving power during torrent downloads or other light activities, normal mode for regular tasks such as web surfing or word processing, and then shift to Sport mode to take on heavy jobs such as gaming or 4K video playback.

Full System (With OS) Full System
(Without OS)
CPU Intel®Quad-Core N3150 Processor (Up to 2.08 GHz)
Intel® Dual-Core N3050 Processor
(Up to 2.16 GHz)
Intel®N3000 Processor (Fanless Design)
OS Windows® 10 Home Windows® 10 32-bit / 10 64-bit / 8.1 64-bit / 7 64-bit compliant
Chipset Intel® N3150 / N3050 SoC Intel® N3150 / N3000 SoC
Memory 2GB DDR3L-1600MHz
4GB DDR3L-1600MHz
Supports DDR3L 1600MHz, 2 x SO-DIMM slots, Max. 16GB
mSATA slot Supports 1 x mSATA slot 128GB mSATA SSD Supports 1 x mSATA slot
2.5"HDD Supports 1 x 2.5" SATA HDD
LAN Gigabit LAN
WiFi 802.11ac + BT 4.0
Audio Realtek ALC283
Front I/O 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.0 (Type C), 1 x IR, 1 x Audio-Out with MIC-In
Rear I/O 2 x HDMI, 1 x DP, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x LAN, 1 x Kensington lock
Power Unit 36W/12V Adapter
Dimension 110mm (W) x 46mm (H) x 118.5mm (L)
Controller Remote Controller
Volume (Liters) 0.6L
VESA Bracket included, supports 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 mm
Other OS Linux: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS / Ubuntu 15.04 / Ubuntu 15.10 / Fedora 23 / Zorin OS 10 / Arch Linux 2015.10.01 / clonezilla-live-20150915-wily-amd64 / Android-x86-4.4-r3 compliant

Where to Buy
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