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Q:I use 775VM800/P4VM800/K7S41GX/K7S41 motherboards. Do these models support 1440x900 resolution? (2006/7/21)
Q:I am using Geode NX CPU on ASRock K7S41 / K7S41GX / K7VT4A Pro / K7VT6-C / K7Upgrade-600 series motherboard.
How do I set FSB jumper for my CPU? (2006/4/21)
Q:If I use only one 128MB memory on the ASRock board with integrated VGA (ex. K7VM3, K7S41/GX, etc...), what share memory size should I choose? (2005/1/18)
Q:My motherboard is K7S41(GX), what should I set in the BIOS setup to use the on-board VGA with a PCI VGA card for dual monitors function? (2004/10/15)
Q:My motherboard is K7S41 or K7S41GX, my Hauppauge Win TV card can not work with it. What should I do? (2004/4/15)
Q:Do ASRock K7 motherboards support the latest Applebred Duron CPU with FSB266 MHz, such as 1400MHz, 1600MHz, and 1800MHz? (2003/10/15)

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