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  1. Socket 478 for Intel® P4 processor
  2. Intel® 865GV chipset
  3. Worldwide Patent - ASRock A.G.I.8X A gift for VGA upgrade on i865GV
  4. FSB 800MHz
  5. DDR 400/333/266, Dual Channel memory technology
  6. Supports Hyper-Threading Technology
  7. Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2
  8. ASROCK I/O Plus - default 6 ready-to-use USB 2.0 ports on rear panel
  9. SATA 1.5Gb/s supports
  10. 5.1 Channel audio.
  11. default 10/100 Ethernet PCI LAN.
  12. Multi-languages Quick Installation Guide.
  13. Bundle CD includes Anti Virus Software, ASRock PC DIY Live Demo, Audio Player, etc..
This model may not be sold worldwide. Please contact your local dealer for the availability of this model in your region.

CPU Support List

Processor InfoSince BIOS
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood3.40 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott3.40 GHz800MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood3.20 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott3.20 GHz800MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood3.06 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood3.00 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott3.00 GHz800MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.80 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott2.80 GHz800MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.80 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott2.80 GHz533MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.66 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.60 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.60 GHz400MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.53 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.50 GHz400MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.40 GHz800MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.40 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aPrescott2.40 GHz533MHz1MBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.40 GHz400MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.26 GHz533MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.20 GHz400MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aNorthwood2.00 GHz400MHz512KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aWillamette1.90 GHz400MHz256KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aWillamette1.80 GHz400MHz256KBAll
478Pentium 4n/aWillamette1.70 GHz400MHz256KBAll
478Pentium 4G1Prescott3.40 GHz800MHz1MBP2.10
478Celeron D350Prescott3.20 GHz533MHz256KBP1.80
478Celeron D350(G1)Prescott3.20 GHz533MHz256KBP2.10
478Celeron D345Prescott3.06 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D340Prescott2.93 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D335Prescott2.80 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D330Prescott2.66 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D325Prescott2.53 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D320Prescott2.40 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D315Prescott2.26 GHz533MHz256KBAll
478Celeron D310Prescott2.13 GHz533MHz256KBP2.00
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.80 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.70 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.60 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.50 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.40 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.30 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.20 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.10 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aNorthwood2.00 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aWillamette1.80 GHz400MHz128KBAll
478Celeronn/aWillamette1.70 GHz400MHz128KBAll

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