In order to provide better management of memory resources, ASRock has developed XFast RAM - a secret weapon to brilliantly deal with memory related tasks. Not only can ASRock XFast RAM fully utilize wasted memory, it also offers many advanced functions. It helps to create a virtual disk where the temporary files and cache files can be stored, so that web applications and large files can be loaded a lot faster.

XFast RAM is designed to allow users to manage the wasted memory space under Windows® 32-bit OS*, improve web surfing experiences, boost application’s speed 5 times faster and reduce the frequency of accessing SSDs or HDDs to extend their lifespan. With XFast RAM, ASRock Motherboard Series are tuned to deliver fantastic performance and are great for overclocking!

The Benefits of XFast RAM
5X Faster for Photoshop Execution Fully Utilize Wasted Memory under 32bit OS

Get maximum performance speed when executing applications. XFast RAM will create a virtual disk from the system memory to boost up performance. For Photoshop, it can even perform 5X faster than before!

Due to the 32-bit OS limitation, when users install32 gigabytes of memory into an X79 mainboard, the truth is that only 4 gigabytes is being used. The other 28 gigabytes is wasted. However, ASRock XFast RAM can fully utilize the memory space that cannot be used under 32-bit OS.*

Enhance Internet Surfing Experience Extend SSD / HDD Lifespan

XFast RAM shortens the loading time of previously visited webpages, making web surfing faster than ever. The temporary files and cache files will be stored in the virtual disk, so that web applications can be loaded a lot faster.

Designed for perfect protection! ASRock XFast RAM will reduce the frequency of accessing your SSDs or HDDs in order to extend their lifespan. SSDs or HDDs could be used longer than you expected.

Motherboard Support and Download List

For ASRock’s X79 / Z77 / H77 / Q77 / B75 series motherboards, XFast RAM is integrated in AXTU (ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility). For ASRock’s other motherboards, XFast RAM is supported by the independent XFast RAM software. Please choose your motherboard and download the software from the list below:

Intel Socket 2011

Intel X79X79 Extreme11X79 Extreme9X79 Extreme7
Intel X79X79 Extreme6/GBX79 Extreme6X79 Extreme4
Intel X79X79 Extreme4-MX79 Extreme3

Intel Socket 1366

Intel X58X58 SuperComputerX58 Deluxe3X58 Deluxe
Intel X58X58 Extreme6X58 Extreme3X58 Extreme

Intel Socket 1150

Intel Z87Z87 OC Formula/acZ87 OC FormulaZ87M OC Formula
Intel Z87Z87 Extreme11/acZ87 Extreme9/acZ87 Extreme6/ac
Intel Z87Z87 Extreme6Z87 Extreme4/TB4Z87 Extreme4
Intel Z87Z87M Extreme4Z87 Extreme3Z87iCafe4
Intel Z87Z87 Pro4Z87M Pro4Z87 Pro3
Intel Z87Z87E-ITX
Intel H87H87 Pro4H87M Pro4H87M
Intel H87H87E-ITX/acH87M-ITX
Intel Q87Q87M vPro
Intel B85P85 Pro3B85iCafe4B85 Pro4
Intel B85B85M Pro4B85M-HDSB85M-GL
Intel B85B85MB85M-ITX
Intel H81P81 Pro3H81 Pro BTCH81M-GL
Intel H81H81M-HDSH81M-DGS R2.0H81M-DGS
Intel H81H81M-HG4H81M-VG4H81M
Intel H81H81M-ITXH81TM-ITX

Intel Socket 1155

Intel Z77Z77 Extreme11Z77 Extreme9Z77 OC Formula
Intel Z77Z77 Extreme6/TB4Z77 Extreme6Z77 Extreme4
Intel Z77Z77 Extreme4-MZ77 Extreme3Z77 Pro4
Intel Z77Z77 Pro4-MZ77 Pro3Z77M
Intel Z77Z77E-ITXZ77TM-ITX
Intel Z75Z75 Pro3
Intel H77H77 Pro4/MVPH77 Pro4-MZH77 Pro3
Intel H77H77MH77M-ITX
Intel Z77H77TM-ITX
Intel Q77Q77M vPro
Intel B75P75 Pro3B75 Pro3B75 Pro3-M/MVP
Intel B75B75 Pro3-MB75M-DGS R2.0B75M-DGS
Intel B75B75M-GL R2.0B75M-GLB75M R2.0
Intel B75B75MB75M-ITXB75TM-ITX
Intel Z68Z68 Extreme7 Gen3Z68 Extreme4 Gen3Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Intel Z68Z68 Extreme4Z68 Pro3 Gen3Z68 Pro3
Intel Z68Z68 Pro3-MZ68M/USB3Z68M-ITX/HT
Intel P67P67 Extreme6P67 Extreme4 Gen3P67 Extreme4
Intel P67P67 Pro3P67 Pro3 SEP67 Pro
Intel H67H67DE3H67M-GE/HTH67M-GE
Intel H67H67MH67M-ITX/HTH67M-ITX
Intel H61H61M/U3S3H61M-DG3/USB3P65iCafe
Intel H61H61iCafeH61DE/S3H61DE/SI
Intel H61H61DELH61 Pro BTCH61 Pro
Intel H61H61M-GEH61MH61M-PS4
Intel H61H61M-PS2H61M-DSH61M-DPS
Intel H61H61M-PSH61M-DP3H71M-DG3
Intel H61H71M-DGSH61M-DGS R2.0H61M-DGS
Intel H61H61M-DG4H61M-HG4H61M-HP4
Intel H61H61M-HVSH61M-SH61M-VG4
Intel H61H61M-VG3H61M-VS4H61M-VS3
Intel H61H61M-VS R2.0H61M-VSH61M-IDE
Intel H61H61TM-ITX

Intel Socket 1156

Intel P67P67 Transformer
Intel H55H55 ProH55M ProH55iCafe
Intel H55H55M-GEH55MH55M-LE
Intel H55H55DE3

Intel Socket 775

Intel G41G41MH/USB3 R2.0G41MH/USB3P41C-DE
Intel G41G41C-GSG41C-SG41C-VS
Intel G41G41M-PSG41M-GE3G41MH-GE
Intel G41G41M-GS3G41M-S3G41M-GS
Intel G41G41M-SG41M-VS3 R2.0G41M-VS3
Intel G41G41M-VS2G41M-VSG41MH-LE3
Intel G41G41M-LE

Intel CPU Onboard Series

Intel NM10 ExpressAD2700-ITXAD2700B-ITXAD2550-ITX
Intel NM10 ExpressAD2550B-ITXAD2500B-ITX

AMD Socket AM3+ / AM3

AMD 990FX990FX Extreme9990FX Extreme4990FX Extreme3
AMD 970970 Extreme4970 Extreme3 R2.0970 Extreme3
AMD 970970 Pro3 R2.0970 Pro3970M Pro3
AMD 890FX890FX Deluxe5
AMD 890GX890GX Extreme4 R2.0890GX Pro3890GM Pro3 R2.0
AMD 880G880GMH/U3S3880G Pro3880GM-LE FX
AMD 870870 Extreme3 R2.0870iCafe R2.0
AMD 785G985GM-GS3 FX
AMD 770970 Pro970DE3/U3S3770iCafe
AMD 770770DE3L
AMD RX881/760G980DE3/U3S3
AMD 760G970 Pro2960GC-GS FX960GM/U3S3 FX
AMD 760G960GM-VGS3 FX960GM-GS3 FX960GM-S3 FX
NVIDIA nForce 720DM3N78D FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-VGS3 FXN68-VS3 FXN68-GS4 FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68-GS3 FXN68-S3 FXN68C-GS4 FX
NVIDIA GeForce 7025N68C-GS FX

AMD Socket FM2+

AMD A88XFM2A88X Extreme6+FM2A88X Extreme4+FM2A88X Pro+ R2.0
AMD A88XFM2A88X Pro+FM2A88M Extreme4+ R2.0FM2A88M Extreme4+
AMD A75FM2A75 Pro4+FM2A75M Pro4+FM2A75M-HD+
AMD A58FM2A58 Pro+FM2A58M-HD+FM2A58M-VG3+
AMD A55FM2A55 Pro+FM2A55M-HD+FM2A55M-VG3+

AMD Socket FM2

AMD A85XFM2A85X Extreme6FM2A85X Extreme4FM2A85X Extreme4-M
AMD A75FM2A75 Pro4FM2A75 Pro4-MFM2A75M-DGS R2.0
AMD A55FM2A55 ProFM2A55M-VG3FM2A55M-DGS R2.0

AMD Socket FM1

AMD A75A75 Extreme6A75 Pro4/MVPA75iCafe
AMD A75A75 Pro4A75 Pro4-MA75M
AMD A55A55 Pro3A55 ProA55iCafe

AMD Socket AM3 (DDR3 support)

AMD 880G880GM-LE
AMD 790GXM3A790GXH/USB3M3A790GXH/128MM3A790GMH/128M
AMD 790GX790GX Pro
AMD 785GM3A785GXH/128MM3A785GMH/128MM3A785GM-LE/128M
AMD 785GM3A785GM-LE785G Pro785GM-S3
AMD 770770 Extreme3M3A770DE
AMD 760G760GM-GS3760GM-S3
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630aN68-VGS3 UCCN68-VS3 UCCN68-GE3 UCC
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630aN68-GS3 UCCN68-S3 UCCN68-S3

AMD Socket AM2+ / AM2 (AM3 CPU and DDR2 support)

AMD 790GXA790GXH/128MA790GMH/128M
AMD 785GA785GXH/128MA785GMH/128MA785GM-LE/128M
AMD 770A770DE+
AMD RS780L (760G)A780LM-S
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630aN68C-GS UCCN68C-S UCCN68-GS UCC
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630aN68-S UCCN68C-SEN68C-S
NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630aN68-GEN68-GSN68-S

AMD CPU Onboard Series

AMD A50ME350M1/USB3E350M1E35LM1 R2.0

CPU Onboard Series

*Note: XFast RAM feature is supported in Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 7 64-bit / Vista™ / Vista™ 64-bit / XP 32-bit OS.

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