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What is Home Cloud?
Home Cloud is ASRock's exclusive remote wake plus remote desktop solution for the 8 Series motherboards with Intel or Qualcomm LAN chips. To be even more specific, Home Cloud allows users to remotely wake up their PCs anywhere in the world with a smartphone, tablet or another computer, and then use the secondary device's screen to remotely control the PC and perform tasks regularly. Let's say you forgot an important file in your computer at home which you need for the next meeting, or maybe you are hiding in the office bathroom missing your massive collection of funny cat videos. Use Home Cloud to open those files with your smartphone immediately!
Video of Home Cloud and remotely controlling a PC!

Why Home Cloud?
Imagine yourself as a desperado riding into the sunset, an outcast of the society exiled from your country, or simply at the groceries two blocks away from home. You miss your personal computer so much and you'll need Home Cloud for the following real world scenarios:

Keep your stored mail near at hand whenever you need it.
Stream your secret stash of vids, music and pics.

Access or send files remotely anywhere.
Watch your favorite local TV programs by connecting to your PC.
Keep an eye on your pets or children when you are away from home.

Support list

  Home Cloud with Intel LAN Home Cloud with Qualcomm LAN
Z87 Extreme9/ac V  
Z87 OC Formula/ac V  
Z87 OC Formula V  
Z87 Professional V  
Z87 Extreme6/ac V  
Z87 Extreme6 V  
Z87 Extreme4/TB4 V  
Z87 Extreme4 V  
Z87 Extreme3 V  
Z87 Pro4 V  
Z87 Pro3 V  
Z87M OC Formula V  
Z87M Extreme4 V  
Z87M Pro4 V  
Z87E-ITX V  
H87 Performance V  
H87 Pro4 V  
H87M Pro4 V  
H87M Pro4/ASM V  
H87M   V
H87E-ITX/ac V  
H87M-ITX   V
Q87M vPro V  
Q87M vPro/ASM V  
B85 Pro4 V  
B85M Pro4 V  
B85M Pro4/ASM V  
B85M   V
B85M-ITX   V
H81M   V
H81M/ASM   V
H81M-ITX   V
FM2A75 Pro4+   V
FM2A75M Pro4+   V
FM2A88M Extreme4+   V
FM2A88X Extreme4+   V
FM2A88X Extreme6+   V
FM2A88X-ITX+   V

How to use Home Cloud?
Home Cloud's features and supported remote desktop apps may vary from LAN chipsets and operating systems. Please check the support table then watch our quick tutorial below to setup Home Cloud.

Home Cloud Support List Windows 7 Windows 8
Intel LAN Not supported Supported by Splashtop Personal app
or MeshCentral website
Qualcomm LAN Supported by Sunlogin app Supported by Sunlogin app

QIG for Home Cloud with Intel LAN chip QIG for Home Cloud with Qualcomm LAN chip




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