To experience intuitive motion controlled games is no longer only available at Wii. ASRock AIWI utility introduces a new way of PC gaming operation. ASRock AIWI is the world's first utility to turn your iPhone/iPod touch as a game joystick to control your PC games. All you have to do is just to install the ASRock AIWI utility either from ASRock official website or ASRock software support CD to your motherboard, and also download the free AIWI Lite from App store to your iPhone/iPod touch. Connecting your PC and apple devices via Bluetooth or WiFi networks, then you can start experiencing the exciting motion controlled games. Also, please do not forget to pay attention to ASRock official website regularly, we will continuously provide you the most up-do-date supported games!

The Benefits of ASRock AIWI Utility

Playing Games by Holding Your iPhone
ASRock AIWI utility rewrites the pc gaming definition. Using ASRock AIWI to connect your apple devices to the ASRock PC system, and you can interact with the PC games with delicate touches and body motion while getting responsive shakes and vibrations.

Supported Game Package - 4 Big Games, 7 Flash Games
The ASRock AIWI PC software supports 4 big games (e.g. Tiger Woods Golf and Virtual Tennis) and 7 flash games (e.g. Facebook Bowling Buddies, Star Island.. etc) currently. The supported-game list will be updated continuously.*

3-in-1 Function (keyboard, mouse, powerpoint presenter)
ASRock AIWI allows your apple device to become a mouse and keyboard that makes you conveniently control your PC effortlessly. In addition, your apple device can be applied as a presentation tool to control page up/down, back/forth through the presentation slides easily.

Zero Cost of Playing Interactive Games
With the free ASRock AIWI, you can enjoy a budget way for the amazing motion controlled games.

* The gaming fluency depends on the graphics engine capability.

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